DGE 5280 Olivia Patterson

Club: Inglewood

Born in Chicago, the oldest of six children, I learned leadership, management, organization, accountability and responsibility while growing up in Los Angeles, California.

I’ve served as a school administrator with LAUSD, a manager in the auto industry and as the Executive Director of a nonprofit agency in the real estate industry. I’ve always strived for leadership roles as my way to be of service. As president of the Rotary Club of Inglewood, I developed interest in the business of Rotary and grew active on the district level. Attending our District’s Humanitarian Trips, I saw first-hand my Foundation donations at work across the borders. It is my belief that if we are sincere about the work we do as Rotarians through Rotary, the Rotary Foundation should be the first charity on our list for giving.

The greatest gift given to me, by Rotary, is my beloved husband. What a joy to have a life partner who shares my Rotary values and experiences. We work and play with the most unlikely folks from communities all over the world, developing friendships and partnerships, while helping those in need.

Vocational Service is my favorite avenue, focusing on enabling vocational training and mentorships for young people. With Rotary, I can leverage my time, talent and resources, greatly multiplying the number of people I am able to help. Doing my individual share, joining so many other like-minded people doing their share, makes us all, relevant cogs in the Rotary wheel.